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    Deadliest Warrior

    Since I've graduated from college and am enjoying this wonderful unemployment. I was watching a marathon of this show, Deadliest Warrior. In which they paired up United States Special Forces vs. Soviet Spetsnaz:

    Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz

    If you are bored and need to get angry, I highly recommend watching this for the following reasons:

    1. The show depicts US Special Forces in totally the wrong way, making them look like they sustain little/no training on toughness. The tests are really biased, they make it too easy for the Green Berets.

    2. The Spetsnaz jump around a lot and shoot from really strange positions

    3. Those ballistic gel dummies are awesome and I would like to have a couple of those to use on the range.

    Anyway, there is NO WAY the Spetsnaz would ever win in a fight against the Green Berets. Although I do like their holster for their pistol that racks one in the chamber when you pull it out.
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    Yeah, that whole show pisses me off. They take half-assed tests and treat them like they are scientifical data. Then they have some nerd 'input the data into the test program,' then cut to a couple of stunt men doing a choreographed fight. Then your average couch potato says, "I guess Spetsnaz are better, it's science."

    The fight simulator program they supposedly have, probably is just for show. I bet the producer just decides who should win, to bring in the most ratings. You should watch the Spartan vs. Ninja episode. To have a single spartan fighting in the middle of a field, and a ninja engaging him face to face, is just ridiculous.
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    I watched that the night it aired. Our SF soldiers do get a lot of training. But again like they say They are training to fight with the mind as well as a gun. The Spez for the most part just have the crap kicked out of them the whole time in training. Like they said on the show half of them die in the training.


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    I like the show but yea it is pretty annoying seeing that little computer geek talk about who he thinks is the most effective warrior, like anyone gives a ***** what he thinks. The spetsnaz vs. special forces episode was by far the worst. The part that really pissed me off was the pistol comparison. The spetsnaz and U.S were both using 9mm, but the russians had a 8rd mag compared to the 15 (or 16 not sure) rd mag of the beretta. If the pistols are the same caliber and one has twice the capacity you'd think that would automatically give it the edge, but no because they did some kind of dumbass nightvision shooting thing better than the U.S troops the Spetsnaz got the edge in pistols...complete BS.
    Oh and while im in a ranting mood, the special weapons category where the spetsnaz had a knife that launched the blade and the U.S had a entrenchment!? like the special forces dont carry combat knives...I could be wrong here but Im pretty sure a soldier would reach for their combat knife before reaching for a damn shovel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comp_sH00tEr24 View Post
    ...could be wrong here but Im pretty sure a soldier would reach for their combat knife before reaching for a damn shovel.
    I don't know about that. Historically, entrenching shovels have been used A LOT in HTH combat over the years.
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    The e tool has quite a bit more range than just a combat knife/bayonet (not affixed). Plus you can get more leverage with the "shovel", We used ours to cut down trees, and chop up firewood. You can even put a fairly decent cutting edge on them too.
    I would probable take the shovel over just a knife, but I'd wouldn't go without the knife.

    So in this show... a knife that shoots ONE blade is better than a knife that you can use multiple times? What if you miss with the blade slinging? Now you just have a handle against shovel....

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    I watched the same marathon. I didn't think that one was quite right either. the russians that survived their training though had to be freakin tough for sure.. but the americans had to have more tactical skills. just from tactical skills alone I would think that americans would come out on top... just my opinion though.
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    I watched this marathon also. There's a couple of things to consider here. First the computer is only as good as the data entered into it. Biased info can affect the outcome. Secondly, this show like others is mainly for entertainment. While many will watch it and take the outcome as law, it should be watched only as entertainment. Much like Myth Busters the outcome isn't always reliable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick O'Shay View Post
    I don't know about that. Historically, entrenching shovels have been used A LOT in HTH combat over the years.
    I don't know if its true or not, someone out there knows. but when I went to Field Medical Service school in Camp Lejeune, NC. The Marines there told stories of a Major who had 27 confirmed kills with just his E-Tool.
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  11. I've always enjoyed the show. I take the outcomes of the simulators with a grain of salt, but it is still very cool to watch. Some of the weapons and their effectiveness suprise me. The Green Beret episode was typical, IMO. They simulate combat without consideration of mission or battlefield. They also don't talk about the 100 or so people working support for the Green Beret. Still, I would not want to run into a spetznaz guy in a dark alley :-), they can outfight me in every way, and systema is cool.
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