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    LOL I love this list...and congratulations to you Garyt1015! What a great son you have!

    My hubby loved the gun and after taking it out and going over it looked up and asked where I found one. I winked and told him not to worry about it. Yes, he got the whole great evening you pervs!!

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    Well I did not get a gun but my sons got me a gift certificate for MID WAY. So I guess I can not complain got some great sons. Hope you all had a good fathers day.
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    We're not pervs we just believe in the 3 G's- God, Guns and Gettin Some!
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    I got a great clock (rhymes with Glock) with pictures of my daughter all around it. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

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    Nice gift! You're one of the good ones!
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