Ohio State students robbed at gunpoint
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Thread: Ohio State students robbed at gunpoint

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    Ohio State students robbed at gunpoint

    More Ohio State students robbed at gunpoint; Buckeye state continues to enforce campus victim zones
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    Submitted by cbaus on Tue, 06/23/2009 - 00:10. Education
    UPDATE: Michigan State approves exception to weapons ban

    By Gerard Valentino

    NBC Channel 4 in Columbus recently reported a crime alert for the Ohio State University Campus after two armed robberies last weekend.

    From the story:

    University police issued two new crime alerts for the campus area after armed robberies over the weekend.

    The first incident was reported just after midnight Saturday.

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    Three students, one male and two female, were robbed at gunpoint in the alley between 15th and 16th avenues, east of Summit Street, according to authorities.

    ...The second incident was reported around 3 a.m. Sunday.

    Four OSU students said they were robbed at gunpoint behind 112 E. Chittenden Ave.

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    Once again, the students at OSU are at risk of being the victim of a violent crime, and the State of Ohio and The Ohio State University refuses to allow them the best means to fight back – legal concealed carry. Despite the mountains of evidence to support allowing legal concealed carry by college age citizens, the self-proclaimed center of Ohio's educational community continues to keep their head buried in the sand.

    Somehow they think warning students after a violent crime has occurred is sufficient action on their part. But, their press releases, memos and "tweets" aren't enough.

    The Ohio State University and its benefactors wield such an inordinate amount of power in the state that, without their approval, getting concealed carry reform on campus is all but impossible. Until they get their collective head out of the sand, it is highly unlikely our legislators will act to give students back the legal right to carry a gun while on campus.

  5. Not just O.S.U. I do work for O.S.U. and other schools in Ohio and I can not carry it all when at work. I feel half dressed. There was one time I had just left a training class and the next day in the paper I read about a shooting just across the street from where I was doing the training.
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    Where I went to school we had armed robberies all the time. Its just something we got used to. I even had the pleasure of a Drugged out student break into my dorm room and assault me in my sleep:

    When I turned on the light, I was face to face with someone I've never seen before. He even took his shoes off as soon as he stepped inside(how nice of him). And when I asked him to step outside, he punched me in the face.

    You should never hit another man standing in his underwear. Isn't that a rule somewhere?

    I hate Gun Free Zones.
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    I am against gun free zones also.... to a point. psych facilities I believe should be. I am ambiguous about certain areas seeing as we have passed a class, and a background check. Statistically, as we all know CCW holders are generally safe people, & gun free zones are prime targets. I will feel naked when my daughter finally goes to school & I start to attend functions. I will also feel like crap if something ever happens and I am unable to do anything about it. But, as far as schools go, I am not willing to push my luck and break the law as stoopid as it is.
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