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Thread: Man Fatally Shoots Himself at Florida Gun Range

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    So sad that people choose death as an answer to a temporary problem.

    It's sad and unfortunate, however, more of these types are choosing to leave a nasty mess for others to clean up in their dispair, physically and emotionally. Probably even financially too.

    Most of the stories related to this recent range-suicide behavior include store/range staff articulating that when the person came in, they exhibited no unusual signs. From the store/range owners' perspective, that makes it very tough, if not impossible, to then accurately assess just where each customer is (psychologically speaking) when they come to the range and rent a gun. For liability reasons, I could easily see many ranges greatly restricting or eliminating range rentals just for this reason.
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    If you go to the website of the Brady Campaign, they like to point out all the suicides that are committed using guns as a reason for more gun control, as if getting rid of guns will magically rid those who are suicidal of whatever is making them want to kill themselves.
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    The Brady organization and the fountain of bad information they provide cannot explain the fact the Japan and Sweden have the highest suicide rates in the world, yet both nations have draconian gun laws that would make even old Sarah proud.

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