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    Called a local wally world and they have ammo, but will not hold it till I get there...gotta run


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    ammo in charlotte, nc walmarts are two box max per day. if they have it. and they don't. i started reloading. sizable investment, but what the heck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    A local WalMart tried to put a 6 box limit on ammo and someone complained and there is no limit on ammo now. I know they special order long guns but I don't think they can special order ammo.
    was at walmart yesterday and they also had a sign with a 6 item per day per customer limit. they got in 6 boxes of .45 wwb 100 count value packs and some one came in the morning and bought them all. I did get some .22 550 count remington at least. first time seeing those in a few months.
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    Has AMMO
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