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    Where's everybody?

    Went to the Crossroads Gun Show this morning. Got there about 8:30 so I wouldn't be too for back in line. Doors opened at 9 sharp and I made a beeline for the ammo table. Braced myself for the massive herd of people trying to buy up all the ammo like last time. There were maybe 15 or 20 people at the most....
    WTF? Stunned, I talked with the guy there for about fifteen minutes, bought my ammo and left, still in shock. Has the panic finally started to subside? I wish someone would have told me. I'd have stayed in bed for another hour.

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    I'm thinking that it's almost over. Lots of ammo on GunBroker. More ammo showing up on Backpage.com. Local gun stores are keeping stock on most calibers of ammo. Even some of the Walmarts are getting slightly larger shipments.
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    I hope things are starting to slow down. I might have to run out and check to see if I can get some .45 ammo. This would be amazing!
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    It's never to early to check for ammo.
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    After barely being able to fill a mag for his LCP for the last couple months, my worker has been able to get about 1000 rounds of .380 in the last couple weeks

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