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    Hi, i have a Ohio CW permit and I want to optain a PA permit and somebody said that the best was to go about is is to register with NH on this sight and that would cover me in PA. is that true and can I do this right on this sight and if so how do iI go about it? Thanks, Jim

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    You can check what each state is reciprocal with at the top of the page "Recip Maps". Once you get your Ohio permit then go here and print off the New Hampshire application. It will cover you in PA. Follow the instruction and send them a check for $20 and that's it!

    Oh btw, Welcome to the site Jim!
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    It's also very easy to get a PA permit. All you have to do is send in a copy of your home state permit and fill out an application. The application can be printed off the internet. If you want contact info I can find it for you.

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