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    I suppose I understand this line of reasoning, however, let's remember that this is Mr. Littlejohn's home, and he has a right to be there, whether a burglar is inside or not. The burglar is the one who doesn't have the right to be there, so he deserved what he got.
    I agree. I feel a person should have the right to defend his home no matter what. Hey, if worse came to worse, Littlejohn could have just dragged him inside if he didn't run away.
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  3. Mr. Littlejohn lost some very valuable items during this period of theft by persons unknown. He sought help from the police time and again, and nothing was done to help. So he set himself up an alarm system that would only sound off in his bedroom. Mr. Littlejohn was a man who had advanced COPD and was on oxygen. The suspect injured Mr. Littlejohn slightly but not enough to require medical attention. On this particular morning, when he got out of bed and grabbed the shotgun he had reached a point that if the police could do nothing to protect Holly Hill citizens, then he himself would at least protect himself and his beloved dog. There would be a lot less robberies in Holly Hill if everyone tried to protect themselves like he did. The police are ineffectual in Holly Hill.

  4. Let me clarify - the police did not apprehend Mr. ELmore "moments later". Mr. Elmore traveled across Mr. Littlejohn's lawn, through a park, across the lawn of Mr. Littlejohn's business, across a street and another yard, then made a left onto another street, went about 100 feet or more then made a right onto another street, running another block down that street and finally stopping on the front porch of a house that had it's front porch light on. When the man answered the door, Elmore told him he needed help and the man got him a glass of water and called 911. Maybe the police responded "moments later" after the man called 911 because Mr. Littlejohn had called 911 5-10 minutes earlier. The police in HH are SLOW to respond, and the police chief never made an attempt to visit or call Mr. Littlejohn. Sorry to be so verbose, but I was Mr. Littlejohn's friend and when he passed away on April 26, 2011, we lost a great citizen and proponent of the right to carry arms.

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    Sorry to hear that...
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    I rechecked and the incident happened in 2009 so that clears up my confusion. I am sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Littlejohn. Thank you for letting us know.

  7. thats my granddaddy<3

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    Hey General Sumter: If the breakin happened at night and you chase the perp and tell him to stand still and stop running, there is a citizen's arrest code of law that allows you to stop someone from evading your citizen's arrest during the course of some kind of presumed felony by any means including death of the perp. Bottom Line: It is very unhealthy to be a home thief in SC. Enter someone's property and beware. The perp's family might tell you "he was a good boy" but the solicitor will tell you "thank you".

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