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Thread: Bullet from dropped gun hits woman in bathroom stall

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    I guess alot of people feel safer with the bullet chambered. but if you think about it, it's alot safer with the bullets in the clip in the gun ready to be chambered. it only takes a second to pull the slide back and chamber a bullet.don't just practice shooting your gun, practice loading it. it's alot safer for all of us. deer or bear hunting is a different storie. but we're not deer or bear hunten, are we ? be safe.
    If you wish to debate this, please start another thread, or rekindle one of the old ones where this has been debated to death. Hijacking is rude. Sorry for my hijack :-)
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    They took her to Tampa General????

    Did they amputate the wrong leg? They're known for their wrong site surgeries at Tampa General.

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