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  1. I'm not a NRA member. They compromise too much on my rights.

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    Life member.


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    I'm not a member...have heard many times over the years about their compromises...

    But i've noticed that many rod/gun/sportsmens clubs REQUIRE that their members be NRA members...

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    Life Member

    I am a Life member since 2007. I got a 5 year membership for my wife. If all 65 million gun owners join the NRA, we would be able to have a CCW permit in all 50 states.

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    This is where I often have a great deal of concern when people mention that they don't belong to the NRA because of compromises, or perceived compromises. True enough, no organization is perfect. Look at political parties, in their planks there are things some are for, yet others are against. I would be the first person to state that I am not a big supporter of the "Big Tent" approach, however there are organizations that more closely meet my goals than others. Yet there are none, to date that check all the boxes all the time. The NRA is one of those groups that come the nearest, I belong to it and others.

    Regarding some clubs that require membership, I have no problem with that either. It would seem that the NRA is more in line with the membership goals of that particular club. Let us not forget that we can hold the membership of the NRA responsible should they not uphold the second amendment, just as we should be holding our politicans feet to the fire.

    It is so easy to say someone is not doing what we want 10% of the time, and walk away when they are doing what we want and need 90% of the time. I am not talking issues of moral convictions here, as those principals should never be compromised. I will take 90% any day, and work on the 10% I didn't get later. We are fighting against powerful people who would take your freedoms, lets choose our battles one at a time. No war is won all at once, nor is it lost all at once. Freedom is the same way, if you give a little until you lose a lot.

    Just my thoughts on a very complicated issue. I welcome other points of view.

    Scott Williams
    Black Dragon Personal Protection/Firearms Training/Unarmed Combat

  7. I am a life member and truly believe that if it were not for the NRA, most of us would not even be able to think about carrying as federal gun laws would be so restrictive. No, I do not agree with all of the NRA positions. But they have done a great job of keeping negative legislation out of our lives.
    NRA Life Member - TSRA Life Member
    "Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not." - Thomas Jefferson

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    nra lifer

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    I was "inspired" to purchase a number of guns and join the NRA in January. PEACE!

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    NRA Life Member and NRA Certified Instructor. If you want to keep your guns buy an NRA membership every year, it cost less than a box of ammo now days.

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