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    Stainless Ruger Security Six .357 back around 1981....Still have it. Along with virtually every other firearm I have ever purchased since then, much to the wifes dismay..

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    The first gun I truly owned was a Desert Eagle 44. I was 20, paid for it myself, and it was the coolest gun I had ever seen. I loved it. I remember I was shooting at an indoor range with my 92f while a friend was chatting with the range master, the range master didn't see me pull out the 44. He fell out of his chair the first time I fired it :-) Good times. I really miss that gun, but it helped pay for a trip to Europe, which probably saved my life.
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    my first gun ever was a ruger 10/22 with stainless barrel. I sold it to buy a different ruger 10/22 with a 4 inch longer barrel also stainless. and I am so jealous of all you who have gotten guns as a gift!
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    My first was a Winchester 12 gauge model 1400 that my dat gave me for my 12th bithday. Have a lot of good memories with that gun and one bad one which was the day someone broke into my apartment and stole it along with several others.

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    My first was a Ruger Mk.II pistol. Still have it.

    I don't shoot it much because it has FTE issues. I like my other .22 more, a 10/22 rifle.
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    my first gun was a mossburg bolt action .22 when I was 12 years old in 1965 and I still have it in a very special place in the vault

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    My first gun was a Winchester 52 .22LR single shot bolt action, I received for Xmas when I was about 6 or 7. My three brothers and I all received identical rifles that christmas. My dad took a file and notched the butt of each, so we could tell them apart. I still have it and I shot it with my oldest son today (before his wedding tommorrow). We had a ball, shot over 200 rounds of ammo from 4 or 5 different guns. The Win .22 is still one of the most accurate guns I have ever fired.

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  9. My first gun was a Remington 870 Wingmaster. I worked at a gas station in 1974 and saved enough to buy it ($125). My dad went with me to a Gibson's store (remember those) to pick it out. All the long guns were on shelves similar to what you may find today when shopping for a fishing pole.
    A year later I bought my first handgun. It was a High Standard Double Nine Revolver.

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    The first gun I ever owned, and still have, is a Savage Model 340a, bolt-action .30-30. My grandmother gave it to me after my Pappy died. She didn't know how old it is and it has no serial number, so I only know it's before the 1968 mandate for serial numbers.

    My second gun, still have, is a 1973 Ithaca Model 37 featherlight 12ga pump. Father-in-law gave it to me after three years of dove hunting with him. Shells load and eject from the same bottom port. Great when shooting beside a buddy.
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    My first gun was a High Standard .22 semi auto rifle, the second was a Mossberg Mod.500, 20 ga.. I remember that one cost $69.95! And it was new! The best friend I've ever had still has both of them. I made trades, he keeps 'em.

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