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  1. Mossberg bolt action .410 when I was eleven. Used to carry it down the street to go squirrel hunting. Couldn't do that these days.

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    I was 11 or 12 and my Dad gave me a single shot 410. I still have it 55 years later.
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    sear's single shot 16 ga. still have it,grand dad got it for my dad an uncal to hunt with, an my dad gave it to me many moons ago

  5. Baretta 9MM, bought it in Florida back in 1987. Now I live in beautful Western New York State. The big problem is downstate obviously. I am new to this site and am going to persue a CWP. Can anyone advise me the best way to go? I want a permit that is accepted in as many states as possible. [email protected]
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    My first gun was a WASR 10 ak clone. shoot so many rounds, it would glow red, and the hand gaurds wold smoke. shooting it like that eventally caused it to break so i had to put to rest.

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    A used Taurus .38 Special revolver that I paid $100 for back in 1985. I couldn't tell you which model it was but it was blued with a 4' barrel and had wood grips.

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    an old Remington single shot .22, with bent barrel and a broken stoke that was payment for helping my Dads friend move a piano and some other stuff upstairs in a house. I was a big 12 year old, Dad and I patched the stock together and then found out that the barrel was bent. We went though a box of ammo a couple shots tweek the barrel in a crouch of a tree a couple more shot till that thing was right on, still have it and the 10/22 that Mom and Dad gave me for xmas that same year.

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    Marlin Model 15 single shot .22 rifle. It is still somewhere around the family.

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    Remmy Wingmaster 12 gauge back in the 70s. Still have it, along with a new steel barrel I'll be using it this winter for Ducks and Geese.

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    Winchester 30/30 made in 1938or48 cant remember still have it some where's got it when I was 13yrs old same with my 20ga single shot cant remember the brand but got that one too never was much on getting rid of good stuff and a Winchester 22LR got that back when i was like 8yrs old my son has shot it a few times not in vary good condition
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