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    My first gun was a 28gauge single barrel shot gun.
    My dad bought it for me so I could go hunting with him.
    Before my divorce frommy first husband, there was an auction, he put my gun and ammo in the auction. I never knew it until I saw some one carrying my gun. I was furious, because that was the only memory left.
    Sharon Schuckman
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    dad gave me a mossberg 410 bolt action single shot when i was 10 yrs. old. he sold it long ago to pay for a deer rifle. but that never happened.

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    Ithica Saddle Gun Single Shot 22, Got it for a birthday present when I was 6, Still have it, still fun to shoot it, I am 45 now.
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    Dad handed down his Marlin Bolt Action 410. The perfect rabbit hunting gun.

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    I'm surprised that this thread has been floating around on this site for so long without me noticing it.
    Anyways, my first ever firearm was a 9mm Hi Point C9 that I purchased in the summer of '04. I sold it (went through an FFL) to my neighbor after about a year after I got laid off because I needed the money. He paid $100 for it.
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    S&W J-frame model 36 5-shot .38 special revolver in 1976. Cost me $90 barely used (retail was something like $120). Still have it.

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    1971 - Marlin Glenfield bolt action .22. I'm originally from New England, wife from Texas. She started things off right.

    Still have both of them.

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    H&R "Topper" model .410 single shot shotgun. Christmas 1965. Had it until I was around 15

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    Then Tom my hubby let me purchace my first handgun ever, a Sig Sauer 22 LR Semi Auto short barrel..

    I bought it before I had my Open Heart Surgery and I have not been able to initiate it.

    I will one of these days Hubby says I can learn to shoot setting down.
    Sharon Schuckman
    Put on the Armor of God. And carry the biggest weapon you have.

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    1962: Mossberg 620K Bolt Action Single-shot .22 with a 4x scope. A 14th birthday gift from my Dad. Lotta squirrels and woodchucks ended up regretting that gift! Long gone, but I couldn't tell you where.
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