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  1. S&W Model 27 .357 revolver. Bought at a gun show probably 20 years ago. Still have it. I think it's from before 1957. I was told S&W did not stamp model #s on the frame till after'57.

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    Old Springfield bolt-action .22 given to me by my father and yes I still have it. It was the same rifle that I taught my daughter to shoot when she turned 5

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    Mine was a sears .22lr rifle that I still have from my grandfather. First handgun was a Taurus .357 magnum revolver in stainless.

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    My first firearm was a Remington Model 1100, purchased in 1967 and still have it.

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    An old Stevens single-shot .22

    And yes, I still have it to this day, though the bolt lug pin fell out and I've yet to get a new one.
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    Mossberg 702 plinkster .22lr. Bolt
    Gun. Bought it on my 18th birthday, was all the money I had in my pocket lol

  8. My first gun was a Daisy BB gun. My first real gun was a Brazillian made 20 gauge single shot. IIRC it was a Spesco brand. The third gun and the oldest gun that I still have is a 10/22 from the late '70s. It was the first real gun I had that wasn't a hand me down like the shotgun.

  9. Marlin 60 model .22 cal, gifted by my father when I was a teen. My first handgun purchase was a Ruger Mark III. And it's just gotten more expensive from there. :) I've never sold a gun...

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    This is mine, there are many like it but this one is mine.
    Your first gun ever.......-glock-pics-010.jpg

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    Bought a Ruger 10-22 back in '85.
    Sadly I do not have it in my possession anymore, it went to the bottom of the ocean along with all the others when the boat capsized.
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