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    The first gun I shot and used regularly was my dads Winchester model 94 in 30-30. We still have it. It is my hunting gun but he still owns it.

    my first gun that I own is also the first gun that i truly fell in love with.
    it is a universal m1 carbine. I got it from a friend in a cardboard box. I put about 100 hours into it getting it back to shooting condition. I also put about 50$ worth of parts haha.
    So about 100 hours and 50$ I got a m1 carbine that was my first gun.
    To be 100% honest there is no bond that can come close to that. The only way it could of been better is if my father gave me the gun box.

  3. My first gun was a Remington 514 that my granddad gave me when I was 6. Single shot, bolt action and possibly the most accurate gun I have ever owned.. and I still own it to this day. I just recently started teaching my 7yo daughter how to shoot using it.

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    I think my first gun actually bought for me was from my dad and it was a lever action .22 rifle. My first firearm purchase of my own was this year being a Ruger sr9. There was something pretty awesome in the feeling of being my first firearm purchase and what kind of investment and responsibility it has added to my life.

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    My first firearm was a Marlin Model 60 that I bought at age 18 then at age 21 I bought a Ruger P89. Love both of them.

  6. Mine was a Ruger P95D, bought when I moved from oppressed NY to "I only need my driver's license?" Oregon. :) Wish I hung on to it, it was a great shooter.

  7. My first gun is a Phoenix .22 pistol. I still have it but I hardly ever shoot it anymore. I enjoy my Colt Combat Commander a lot more. :)

  8. my first gun was a remington nylon 66 when i was younger. my dad worked at remington and got it for me. i do not still have it because a guy that was suposedly my friend broke in to our house when we were on vacation and took it. i never seen it again.

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    H&R 9 shot .22 double action revolver. No longer have it sold it to buy a Colt trooper .357 revolver. Don't have either anymore. But wish I did.

  10. My first gun was a hi-point .40... *shields face from flying tomatoes* but hey it went bang every time I told it to. Traded it several years ago for a mosin nagant. Good trade. =)

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    Mine was a Savage Arms 410 single shot when I was 13 but I sold it to a neighbor when I upgraded to a 12 gauge.

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