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    My first gun was a Winchester Model 70 in .264 Winchester Magnum. I bought it used and put a new Weaver 6x scope on it with two horizontal crosshairs. I sold it in the mid 1960s to buy a good .22 target rifle, a Remington Model 37, on which I added Redfield Olympic sights. Won the state championship, 50 yard outdoor, standing position, Sharpshooter Class with it in 1965.

  3. Mossberg 535 tactical

  4. My first gun was a Stevens 410 bolt action. I still have it but am afraid to fire it anymore as a gunsmith told me that the breech was over spec. Probably was from the time I tried reloading my own shell to give it a little extra kick. After I shot it and it I go a little blow back through the chamber I pulled the bolt back and both extractor pins fell out. I got the sparrow but ruined the gun after that. Lesson-know what the heck you are doing when reloading. :)

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    My first long gun was a single shot 12 gauge shot gun my first pistol was a glock 22

  6. Savage 22 bolt, magazine missing, still have for last 50 years/

  7. k-98 mauser. Bought it on my 18th birthday.

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    Springfield 18c .410 bolt action. Great shotgun. Hope my kid gets it one day.

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    My first was a Marlin .44 lever action. Gosh I miss that gun. Gonna get one for my son

  10. I bought a 20 gauge single shot Berreta folding shotgun. We shot a few rabbits with it a long time ago

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    First gun was an early model S&W Sigma SW9V which was terrible and quickly sold off.
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