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    J. Stevens 12 ga double barrel shotgun. It was my grandfathers. My dad gave it to me when I was looking for something to have in my house for protection. Still have and probably will until I pass it on to my daughter.

  3. My first was a Remington Model 6, Falling block .22
    Great little Bunny Buster!!!

    I guess the BB gun was 'too dangerous'!
    (I did go thru elementary school, with a kid with a glass eye. Yep, BB gun...)

    I started shooting when I was 6, and got my first real gun when I was 12, a bolt action J.C.Higgens :)
    Kept that one in my closet, no safes back then.

    Times have sure changed!

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    Savage 22 LR, falling block. Gave it to a nephew years ago.

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    IIRC, winchester 20ga pump at ~6y/o

    browning hi-power 9mm at~10 y/o

    still have both

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    Ruger p95 cheap and reliable. Still have it. Too big to conceal but good open carry gun

  7. Mine was a H&R Topper Jr 3" single shot 20 gauge. I wish I still had it.

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    Not counting all the weapons I fired and carried while in the military, my first gun was purchased by my wife when I turned 21. it was a S&W 9mm and it was awesome!

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    My dad gave me my first gun when I was 15. A Marlin model 60 22lr. And that same gun is my son's first as well. He is 13. Maybe if things go well with it my grandchild will have the same first gun.
    It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConservInNY View Post
    Baretta 9MM, bought it in Florida back in 1987. Now I live in beautful Western New York State. The big problem is downstate obviously. I am new to this site and am going to persue a CWP. Can anyone advise me the best way to go? I want a permit that is accepted in as many states as possible. [email protected]
    Speak to your local sheriffs office, and ask exactly what you have to do, but by all means DO NOT TELL HIM YOU HAVE A GUN ALREADY,

  11. H&r .22

    a Harrington & Richardson .22 9-shot revolver. It's gone - dropped in a river by one of my friends when we were fishing about 25 years ago. Never found it.

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