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    This is an old story that has been out there for awhile. According to the reports the LEO pointed his gun first and the CCW returned the aggression. I have included a link that has the most research done on this so far.

    This case has pretty much died and the shooter was never brought up on charges almost 3 months later. I have a feeling it was found as a good shoot and the press and department buried this story.

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    --- Some of the friendliest people I have ever talked to are gun owners and shooters and according to the gun activists we are the mass murders and felons of the nation???

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    No charges against the LEO for aggravated assault. I guess there's two sets of rules, for the LEOs and for the little people.

  4. +1 with know there are 2 sets of rules!

    In Mass the legislature is debating making a conviction of Road Rage punishable by up to 2 and a half years in jail. This sentence make Road Rage a "disqualifier" for getting or keeping a license to carry at all!

    If you carry then this will be an even bigger reason to keep a cool head in Mass just so you can keep your LTC.

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    Road Rage is one thing, and I agree with the idea of- leaving the middle finger at home when you strap on a concealed weapon. However, an undercover officer, who does not identify his/herself as a LEO, that has deliberately unholstered his/her weapon to engage in the threat or possible action of deadly force is simply an ordinary person with a gun in the eyes of a man reacting to protect his family.

    I could not imagine the look on a childs face when a man gets out of a vehicle and draws a weapon after an arguement with their father.

    My father served as a New York City police officer for just over 20 years and never once had a reason strong enough to unholster his weapon while in uniform or as an undercover.

    I believe this situation is an embarrassing shame for LEO's everywhere especially a LEO that ALLOWS his/herself to get into an episode of road rage to begin with.

  6. Thumbs up I agree

    As a retired LEO, it's an embarassment when another cop does something like this. He should be fired, prosecuted and forbidden from owning a firearm. It's idiots like this that make a real cops job very hard.

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    I'm cool when packing heat!

    I have yet to let any traffic altercation get me involved in any of this type of incident since I started to carry. It's best to back off and stay in control of the situation as once you fire you enter a realm you don't want to find.

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