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  1. Extreme Custom Colt Defender

    Just picked up my Custom Colt Defender from JOJO'S Gun Works, LLC - Welcome

    They are local to me and do incredible work! Jody out did himself on this one!



    Few More:

    Hope you all like!

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    i carry a defender, i like the little gun. tell me what you had done, does it shoot better? if you don't mind, how much custom money did you put in it?
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    That looks AWESOME.....Nice gun

  6. I really cant comment on a before an after because I had it modified from day 1. I never took possession of it factory.

    Mods Include:

    Full Reliability Package
    Bobtail Conversion
    Ed Brown Grip Safety
    New Hammer
    STI Trigger & Matching sear 4.25lbs
    Extended Magwell
    Fluted Slide and many Custom Cuts
    Custom Novak Tritium Sights
    Real Carbon Fiber Grips
    Wilson Combat Mag
    Sniper Grey CEREKOTE Frame & Slide
    Nickle Teflon Plated and Polished Barrel
    Crowned Barrel

    Prob more but Im drawing a blank.

    As far as cost I paid $865 I believe for the gun and over $1,000 in mods. I dont like to quote other peoples work. I waited a year and think I got a good deal being willing to wait for the work but call JOJOS for details or a quote.

    The gun shoots amazing and at 25ft I can knock the bullseye out of a target with 7 rounds. And thats with Crappy white box ammo. I did have one problem that was due to a Colt recall bit they gave the replacment part the next day (I live local) and I was good to go!


  7. It's a bit like a Harley. Whenever I take it out for a ride people seem to gravitate toward it , what to touch it and ask lots of questions.


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