Ireland Bans Handguns
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Thread: Ireland Bans Handguns

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    Ireland Bans Handguns

    Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has signed new gun control legislation into law. The act bans handguns in Ireland and also introduces a requirement for referees, background medical checks and standards for the safe keeping of guns in the home for all firearms licence applicants.

    Read About It: Ireland Online

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    I see higher robbery and violent crime in Ireland in the near future..

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    The criminals must be secretly jumpintg for joy right now. I know I would be if I were one.
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    Not surprised the Irish lawmakers have decided to join the English and the Australians in the deep end of the turd pool.

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    The similarities of these nations and their being drug down to tyranny in about the same way, is quite striking.

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    RIP to all the future violent crime victims in Ireland because of this. Ill drink a pint for ya tonight.

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    Not that I have any intention of visiting Ireleand in the near future, but I sure as hell am not going there now. If people would let their tourism department know that they will not visit a repressive country that will not allow law abiding citizens to even own handguns, maybe some of these countries would think twice. I don't know if it would work but I will see if I can find an email address to send them a note. JMHO.

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    I guess they want to fit in with the rest of the NWO countries.
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    I would expect foul play at the polls before I would think the people wanted this.
    Remember they recently rejected the Lisbon Treaty. I'd bet they have the same problem we have: scum bags in office pulling all the levers, bringing in tyranny, while the people scream "no more."
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    I have some friends in ireland.. not sure what their take on this is. going to have to ask them. but looks to me like countries are following a pattern. gee I wonder why?
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