Case prep for NEW brass.
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Thread: Case prep for NEW brass.

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    Case prep for NEW brass.

    I've been reloading for a few years now and whenever I get a new shipment of brass I have always done a full-length resize on all of the cases. I read somewhere that this was recommended, but I wondered if it was really necessary. I only use Starline pistol brass. What do you reloaders out there recommend?


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    Sounds reasonable. You should be able to feel and see if the die is doing anything. If the full length sizer is actually sizing the new brass then it needed it.

    Once fired from your rifle is a different story.

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    I always resize all my brass whether it's new or not. New brass is sized when made but with all the shipping and rough handling some of it is bound to get dinged up a little. It's best to be safe than sorry when one get jammed in the chamber.
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