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    Thumbs up XD.45ACP Bi-Tone Tactical

    I have wanted a .45acp for a main CC for sometime now, I knew the Springfield Armory name and reputation but didn't expect to come home with something I saw at the gun shop today. After I held it I knew it was the one... It is light, fits my hand perfectly and comes with a bunch of goodies that make the package complete. 13 round clips x2 in .45 acp is alot of lead and power when you need it. I didn't know much about them until I got it home and researched them, my gun dealer said I wouldn't be disappointed and I can always trust him, he hasn't failed me yet! LOL! I have shot alot of .45ACP handguns but he said this will be one of the smoothest, kindest ever...

    Can't wait to take her for a test drive at the range tomorrow.

    I went from a Ruger LCP .380 to this, I have BIG paws and the LCP is a great handgun but I just wasn't happy with the control and grip I got on it. Out the door with the trade-in of my LCP it cost me $200 bucks! Plus I got 100 rounds of FMJ to plink away at the plates with.

    I'm like a kid that just discovered his "you know what, for the first time" with this thing... I can't keep my hands off it. I think I could field strip it blind folded already.

    Pictures will follow...

    This picture doesn't do the handgun justice...

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  3. Congrats

    Congratulations on a great firearm.
    I think that once you "take her for a test drive" that you will really love her.
    While I have never fired an LCP I do have a KelTec 3AT and it is very similar in size and weight and they are truly a handful to shoot. The Springfield will be a pleasure to shoot compared.
    Again congratulations and good luck with your new Springfield.
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    Congratulations on a great handgun. I have an XD .45 acp as well as an XD .40 S&W, both with 4" barrels. I too have a large hand and find the XD .45 acp fits my hand better. I shoot tighter groups with it than the .40 S&W. I think you will be very happy with it.

    My wife has an XD 9mm subcompact for concealed carry and was shooting tighter groups with my XD .45 acp, so now she has her own XD .45 acp.

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    Yes, the XD series is a fantastic gun. I love the peace of mind with the grip safety and trigger safety. And field stripping in under 5 seconds makes it a beauty to care for. I've loved mine since the day I got it. I only wish I could carry it more (like restaurants and work).
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    Quote Originally Posted by L1D3N View Post
    ~ Can't wait to take her for a test drive at the range tomorrow.
    Adequate space for test drive results are provided by clicking on the "Summit Reply Button".....

    This picture doesn't do the handgun justice...
    That sidearm looks much better there, at your place, than in a Display Case at a store.. Very nicely done, Sir...

    Semper Fi

  7. XD Bi-Tone looks awesome. Congrats. Have an XD45 and wouldn't trade it for anything.

  8. Yes the XD45 is a very nice gun you will love her. I know I love mine.
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    Ive had some people ask why I went with such a long barrel on an XD.45ACP...

    I went with the longer barrel because I liked the look, basically they took ideas from glock,1911 and Sig and put them into a light high capacity package, Also you get a better burn on powder and better accuracy with a longer barrel.

    I didn't get to the range today SOON!
    I am looking into getting a Streamlight TLR-2 anyone have any experience with this product?

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