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Thread: Concealed carry weapons bust - 2 arrested for selling gun training certificates

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalokill View Post
    I think you missed my point.
    No I didn't miss your point at all as I knew what you were trying to say. However youd did miss my point that they needed no permit to carry in Ohio. Now if you want to argue that neither OC nor CC should have to have a permit then I can go along with that. I think that those who are happy to go along with permits for CC as long as they have OC are being hypocrits.

    The post by XD-Fender was right on concerning this and anyone that want to be the test case has my respect. However I don't plan on being that as I have too much to lose and am willing to play their game with the permits while taking a more indirect approach at making my point. Those that choose to play the game illegally with method 3 as XD-Fender puts it are nothing but scum and do not deserve the rights of the people.

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    good, i'm glad they got busted and i hope there will be more to come. those of us who follow the the law expect it.

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    Hi, I'm new on this board. I recently took the Utah class here in Alabama, and I noticed in the course materials that "15 CFP instructor privileges have been denied, suspended, or revoked." I asked the instructor about this, and he responded that Utah sends people to their classes to check that everything is done properly, and they have caught some instructors simply collecting the checks and dispensing signed certificates.

    In terms of purchasing certificates, it may be that for some people, it is easier to get a fake driver's license, birth certificate, and social security card than to get a course certificate. It may also be that the people eager to buy them are actually selling them to other people for vastly more.

    I lived for many years in New Jersey, where the "legal" CCW system is hardly better. Though the Soprano State is technically "may issue," it gives permits only to those willing to pay off, and the fee is beyond the reach of most people.

  5. This is a dream case for the far left. I hope these idiots are punished to the fullest extent of the law!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L1D3N View Post
    Glad they got caught, like someone else said why not just take the class? It's fun and I enjoyed it. Always people trying to cut corners...
    "The 2nd amendment is my CCW permit" -Ted Nugent. That should be the position that any of you here adopt.

    They broke the law. But the law itself is flawed in violation of the 2nd amendment. Wonder how this is going to play out if any of these folks have the resources to hire a big gun attorney.
    As we see the country, (well most of it) move towards "shall issue" status, I wonder when the regulations involved start to relax. As with most government programs, when it becomes overloaded, we should see a streamlining of the process. Hopefully.

    OR (pipe dream time) maybe they will just start prosecuting criminals with guns, and let the rest of us just be free Americans.

    That said, they should have taken the class. Its fun, and any formal training is beneficial when its properly conducted.

    Best to all,


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    Cool Duh!!!

    My CCW from start to finish cost me $150.00. How lazy do you have to be to get suckered into that deal. A felony huh? Well hope it was worth you freedom to own and carry a firearm. Heck of a deal!!!

  8. UPDATE:
    Sentencing was today.... --
    Judge Reeve Kelsey ordered Jason Hernandez, 38, of Perrysburg Township to spend 45 days in the Wood County jail, pay a $2,000 fine, perform 200 hours of community service, and spend two years on community control. The judge sentenced Michael Davenport, 39, of Northwood to 30 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, 200 hours community service, and two years on community control. The men also were ordered to have no contact with each other.
    I went to high school with one of their daughters... I live around the block from them. The things people will do to make a few bucks...........................

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfxplr326 View Post
    Sentencing was today.... --

    I went to high school with one of their daughters... I live around the block from them. The things people will do to make a few bucks...........................
    Thanks for the Update....
    Semper Fi

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    Ok when i read the article it said they were issuing the permits. I thought they were only issuing certificates??? I teach in several states and none of the ones i teach in allows the instructor to issue the permit. Do they do that in Ohio?

  11. Wow! That is not good.

    I hope many ccw instructors must better be asking the costumers for a driver license to matching on the application before taking 8 hours firearm training. .
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