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    Another great idea from PA

    While I am all for getting illegal guns off the street, simply taking them from citizens is obviously absurd. It seems that this policy is totally illegal. I guess the law doesn't really matter when dealing with guns

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    Shades of Katrina

    This sounds similar to the situation faced by several of the Louisiana residents who had their weapons confiscated during the "emergency." I agree with the DA and the law professor who say, it is pretty clear her constitutional rights were violated. Not just the 2A aspect but her basic property rights prohibiting unlawful search and seizure without due process under the 4th Amendment. I can understand the initial confiscation but I would think there would be plenty of documentation regarding the inventory seized and she basically only needs to prove herself as the beneficiary with proper identification. Do they refuse to return legally owned impounded cars (or computers or baseball bats for that matter) without a court order? If so, THEN it seems like they are selectively attempting to implement an anti-2A program and should be challenged in the appropriate court.
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    Finally some people are saying enough is enough! How many legal weapons over the years were taken illegal from citizens there and no one even challenged their policy. Maybe this will wake up others in other areas that have similar policies.
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