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  1. clip compaction

    The second time I used my Sig p250 .45 at the range the slide would stick back as if the clip was empty. But when I took the clip out to reload there would be 1 or 2 rounds still left in it. This happened 4 times I believe. I asked one guy at the range and he told me it might just need to be worn in more as I have only put 150 rounds through it. He also said it could be clip compaction from having it loaded all the time. The gun only came with one clip. Is it proper to switch out clips and give the magazine spring some time to rest without bullets in them?

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    Magazines require regular care just like the rest of the firearm. You should rotate those you keep loaded all the time and clean them between use. The following article may be helpful:

    Weapon Magazines | Magazine Care | Handgun Magazines

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    I have heard two different schools of thought on that. For a long time I heard you should rotate magazines because keeping the springs under constant pressure would shorten their life. Lately I have heard that the springs were made to be under a constant load and continual loading and unloading to change out the magazines would wear out the springs faster. Who is right? I am not sure. It might be a good idea to contact the manufacture to get their opinion.
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    Unless the magazine spring is overstretched (plastic deformation) it should not need a rest. No magazine design should ever allow the spring to get deformed. Springs wear out from cycling although I have seen sub-par spring metal. Magazines do need cleaning and LIGHT lube. Maybe one of the teflon dry lubes from wally-world.

    However you DO need more magazines. My opinion is at least 4 mags for spares or to rule out magazine related problems.

    On your slidelock issue you need to look at your thumbs and make sure you aren't bumping the slidelock lever in recoil. The only other way to lock the slide back is a tab on the magazine follower that pushes the slidelock up on the inside when the mag is empty. Any other cause is a mechanical failure.

    Did the slide close after you removed the still loaded magazine or stay locked open?

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    i would at the bare minimum get another magazine and rule out if its the mag or not. if it turns out that it is i would call sig and explain it to them so they can replace it for you. i have shot multiple p 250s new out the box and not had one hiccup. somethins not right with that one probably the magazine
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  7. I am sure that my thumb was not near the slide release. After I removed the still loaded magazine it stayed locked open.

  8. So a Sig rep called me today and let me know that my registration had been received. I ran this by him and asked him about magazine care and he told me exactly what HK4U said.

    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Lately I have heard that the springs were made to be under a constant load and continual loading and unloading to change out the magazines would wear out the springs faster.
    He recommended leaving them loaded.

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    having a simular issue as well

    i gues i spoke too soon. just got my sig 1911r in on thursday purchased 8 mags with it all from sig. went to the range when i picked it up , shot like a dream, very accurate no feed problems but 8 out of 10 times would not lock back when the mag was empty. went and tried my brothers kimber mags in the gun locked back 100%, used those mags in his gun and his locked back every time as well. leaving me a little baffled. so now i have loaded 2 mags for a couple days and plan to head to the range tomorrow with my fingers crossed and hope that makes some minute difference. so has anyone else ever experienced this issue?
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    Clip? what's a clip? Firearms use magazines.

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    Some rifles use clips to fill a non-removable magazine. The M1 is an example.

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