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  1. Good for you. It is best to not give extra info.

    Are you going to get them some hi-cap magazines as well? I picked up a magazine loader as well because loading 50 rounds gets tiresome. I don't know if mentioning other forums is allowed here, but you might want to block them or the temptation to dump a ton of cash for modifications will be huge.

  3. My department uses the Ruger 10-22 for humane animal dispatch. I am the department armorer and also have several 10-22's of my own. The guns are pretty much bulletproof. I have fired my first 10-22 that I got when I was 16, a long time ago, probably over 50,000 times without a single parts breakage. I still have this gun and it still shoots just as well.

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    You can not beat the Ruger 10/22 it was my first gun when i was a little boy and i have passed it onto my son. this gun can be bought well within you price range even for the ss model. I was in ****'s sporting goods store yesterday and seen the ss model for 229.00 if mt memory serve me correct. they are reliable, very well made and very accurate right out of the box there are also a huge amount of after market accessories available and you can really turn one into a tack driver quite easily.

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    I have a Henry .22 lever action -- love it!


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    You really really need to look at "Henry" rifles - made in the USA. They are very economical and trustworthy.

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