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Thread: What is your favorite J-Frame?

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    I used to have a S&W Mdl. 38 Airweight Bodyguard that was one of the best sidearms I ever had until it developed an insurmountable problem. I'd get one again in a heartbeat. Currently I keep a Mdl. 60 handy, as does my Lovely Bride (hers is a Ladysmith). Nice guns, all.
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  3. Model 60 .357 with 3" barrel.

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    My vote goes to the Smith and Wesson 442 with a crimson trace lasergrip.

    It is what i carry most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock samson View Post
    Why does the S&W M&P 340CT cost TWICE what a 638 or 642 does? Because of the materials and .357 mag?

    And speaking of the 638 and 642, what is the difference in those two arms? Does one just shoot +P ammo?
    Materials are a big part of the equation. The Crimson Trace grips are also a large part of the cost.

    Also, keep in mind that I bought this firearm a little more than two years ago, well before Karl Marx was elected president, and before the panic buying (not criticizing, I totally understand why) swept the country. I picked up my piece at a gun show in PA (yes, I was living there at the time), and I paid about $850 for it.

    As far as ammunition goes, if you can afford to stick with a .357, then I would definitely recommend you do so. I really like the ability to utilize two different sizes of ammunition (.38 and .357). It has really broadened its role in my personal protection collection.

    I did find the same pistol with (nearly) the same specs as mine on gunbroker. The front sight is a Hi Viz instead of the tritium that I have, but it also has the crimson trace grips. Try a bid, you never know. It is item #138820029.
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    Mine is my Model 60 or Model 36 Chief's special Classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    My vote goes to the Smith and Wesson 442 with a crimson trace lasergrip.

    It is what i carry most of the time.
    +1 on the 442. Love this gun, dont have the lasergrips for it yet, but I will be getting them as soon as I have the extra funds. always in my pocket when I get home

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    The S&W Model 442; enclosed hammer, rated for .38 Special +P

    Product: Model 442 Revolver

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    We got an LCR and are happy with it. Only downside is that I haven't found the perfect hip holster for it.

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    i have a sw 637 thier nothing like being able to shoot single action. just put your thumb on the hammer when you draw your gun, and it will never snag. I had a thaurus 651, and my brother had a body gaurd. I alway missed the hammer.

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    S&W 340PD, Scandium, concealed hammer chambered in .357 magnum. I carry it in an uncle mikes pocket holster, right front pocket and carry two speed strips of extra ammo. I love it! I also swapped out the rubber grips for some nice coccobolo grips from Craig Spegel in Oregon. The wood grips make it much easier to draw from a pocket, as rubber grips might snag on the pocket lining.

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