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Thread: What is your favorite J-Frame?

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    My Mom is a J-Frame fanatic and has been since the 50's. She loves the feel of them and has several, strategically placed throughout the house. She has an older S&W 3" barrel Model 37 Airweight that she routinely carries as her CCW gun and an older Model 60 stainless that she had me slick up and re-work for her truck gun. She shoots them well, and routinely practices. Mom was a competitive shooter along with my Dad, years ago. She was a hardened redneck Mississippi girl, raised on a farm in the sticks. Still drives a Dodge 3500 diesel dually pick-up. Won't drive anything else. Yep, she just made 70 years old, but she's in good shape and as tough as nails. Don't let the gray hair fool ya. Mom ain't no easy win!
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  3. You can buy a Taurus for alot less money and it will do anything a SW will do. Ive carried and TRUS 357 650 for years in every clime. Michigan. Working construction and ranches. It shows holster wear but goes boom! When I want it to. I also own a $1000.00 sig 40 SW for the "re-load" if needed. Custom shop. Carry two guns. Cops do or should. But a revolver is always a good carry in its snub configuration if you select a man stopping caliber. It should be your first choice carry gun always, why? because it will always be with you even in sloppy pj's. Think about that.

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    I carry the S&W 642 series as well...38 Spl +P.

    I have one of the titanium models that weighs 13 oz unloaded. "Hammerless" design completely eliminates any snagging when pulling it from my pocket or any holster combination.

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