D.C. Ammo registration?
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Thread: D.C. Ammo registration?

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    D.C. Ammo registration?

    I recieved a email from the VCDL about the upcoming protest in Washington D.C. this week. Contained in it was a warning of not to bring our guns of course and dont forget to leave your ammo behind because it is a felony for each unregistered round. I have done several searches on the net and have found no such law. Being its Washington D.C. and they change their laws like they change underwear does anyone have a link to this law?
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    News to me. I'd heard of intentions to regulate and require registration and all manner of accountability tracking nonsense, but I haven't heard that anyone (even the dreaded DC) had actually succeeded in gaining such a measure.

    Of all the cities in America to be in and NOT be armed... DC ranks about as high on the list as I care to get.
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