laser sights ????????????????

View Poll Results: laser sights for your personal cc gun ????????????

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  • yes I use laser sights on my cc gun

    22 17.89%
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    64 52.03%
  • Yes I do and would recomend them to others to use on there cc gun

    23 18.70%
  • No I do not and would not recomend someone to use them on there cc gun

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Thread: laser sights ????????????????

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    Question laser sights ????????????????

    I would like to take a pole of the knowledgeable members of this fine site as to laser sights on a cc gun.

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    Finished sighting in a laser on my Walther tonight. After sighting in, handed it to two friends with very little firearm experience(with proper instruction) and they were able to keep much tighter groups, learn how their stance affects their aim, and shoot with confidence.

    If you pick a reliable laser, I think it could save your bacon in a tight situation.

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    I don't have one yet but I am planning on getting one. My problem is more related to old age and eyesight.
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    I have one and use it, I highly recommend for lowlight/ dark.

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    i have a set of CT grips on my cc. i think everyone should have a set on their cc gun greg

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    I do not at this time have any with laser sights but I would like to get some on at least one of my handguns. I am no expert but from what I have read green might be better than red. Perhaps someone else can shed some light, no pun intended, on the subject.
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    The human eye sees green much more readily than red, thus a green dot will be much brighter even at the same milliwatt rating of a red laser. The down-side is the size or cost. You can't make a green laser without using more materials, and those extra materials take up room.

    So, if you get a green laser that is small, it will be expensive. If it is cheap(er), it's gonna be a bit large.
    I've not found a green one that fit my budget and was still small enough for my liking, so I went with red even through I'd prefer green.

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    remember in low light conditions having a laser or a flash light might give away your position, and lead to your death. i would only recomend it if you have bad eye sight. Ps it looks cool, but a good set of night sights will do the job cheaper and better.

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    doming83 is correct, as far as I am concerned. Plus the perp will know that all one has to do is stay away from that projected dot and he/she won't get hit with bullets. Too much complication for me, plus its one more step to look for the laser while aiming. I'd rather just draw and fire.
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    A laser sight, coupled with either a gun light or flashlight and night sights are a good thing. Go ahead and get them. However just remember that relying on those things is no substitute for proper technique. Hitting the target is something you should be able to do whether you have a laser sight or not.
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