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    I HAVE A NEW rG38 SPL any body know any thing about this gun?Where is it made? I would think Germany. How much dose it run? I looked it up but found vary little info on it . it's a heavy duty little gun.shot it yesterday with ease, found ammo for it and that was amazing they only let me out the door with 5 boxes. 158 grain JHP. they were pretty high priced but i guess they weren't bad for how hard ammo has been to find.
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    Was it made in made in Germany by Rohm or made in FL? The ones made in Germany were a little better than the ones made in FL but I wouldn't fire either much less carry one. They are not very popular or considered reliable and have no real value to them. They go for around $100 depending on the condition. http://www.gunsamerica.com/977001754...LVER_38SPL.htm Make sure that you don't fire any +P ammo in them they will go kaBoom! The biggest problem with any RG is their timing. The cylinder will get out of time with the forcing cone and cause the bullet to shear off between the forcing cone and the cylinder. Plus they were made out of cheap materials. RG is one of the first so called 'Saturday Night Specials' that was addressed in the 1968 firearms act. Do a Google search on RG38 and you will find out a lot about it.
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