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    I wish I could help but I love the feel of a 1911. I carry a Kimber Ultra CDP II daily and love it.

    My advice........ Go buy it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Comp_sH00tEr24 View Post
    Please someone, anyone, give a a reason not to buy a taurus pt1911. I don't have any 1911's or .45s for that matter and I always wanted my first .45 to be a 1911. This gun has everything I would want on a 1911, and Ive only read glowing reports about them. I could theoretically spend the $600 right now to get one, but I really shouldn't spend the 600 right now, and if someone is able to talk me out of getting one it will save me a big fight with the lady friend
    If this part is true, then that is your reason. Just a quick glance at your profile, I see that you arsenal is rather impressive. If you have more important things to spend $600 on, the Taurus can wait (assuming that is the normal price). Put $20 or so in a jar each week, with full disclosure of what it is for. Assuming she is reasonable, this will save the fight with the "lady friend". In fact, if you play it right, you might end up getting one for Christmas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    I didn't know he wanted counseling as part of the recommendation. Hell, that's easy...Hey, Comp, MAN UP!

    Been married for almost 30 years (same woman), and I'm here to tell's always gonna be something. You gotta stand your ground, brother. Tell it like it is. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. A man is king of his castle. When the going gets tough...whoa, no time to complete this post, my old lady's coming down the steps!

    That's right!!!

    Reap the Vision...

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    I don't like buying cheap junk guns. I would rather see spend a little more and get a Kimber, Wilson or Ed Brown 1911. Even a original Colt Gold cup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Perfection View Post
    I don't like buying cheap junk guns. I would rather see spend a little more and get a Kimber, Wilson or Ed Brown 1911. Even a original Colt Gold cup.
    Thats, valid...What makes the taurus 1911's cheap junk guns. I know taurus has had problems in the past, The taurus I own has never had problems and as far as I know they have turned around their quality control. What makes you say that current taurus firearms are junk?

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    I have heard good and bad things about Taurus. I personally have owned three Taurus firearms over the years, a .38 Specail revolver (model 83 I think), a PT99 (Beretta clone) 9mm, and a PT111 Miillenium 9mm. The revolver and PT99 were excellent guns... never had a problem with either. The PT111 I had an FTF on every trip to the range. That's my experience with Taurus. It is my understanding that Taurus makes very good clones, i.e. the Beretta 92's and 1911's.

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