They're getting smarter
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    They're getting smarter

    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    Well I wouldn't go so far as to label them rocket scientists, but sounds like they moved up a notch in the gene pool.
    An armed society is a polite society.

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    These gangs are the cancer of our sociaty, and you know what we do with cancer, we KILL it! If we don't, it will take over! Each one of these thugs is just like a little cancer cell and it should be an automatic death sentence! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!
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    Angry gangs

    The big problem looms ahead, for if you can't see or identify these folks for their differences, how do you proceed? Looks like they are "smartening up", so to speak - trying to blend in with the good guys. Will be interesting to see if this really works, or will their true "colors" stand out anyway. Seems like in the past, "standing out" was what made them obvious (clothes, colors & tattoos), and of course, their gang actions. Maybe they'll get so smart, they will become the "Central American Mafia"?

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