Sibling guilt trip
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    Sibling guilt trip

    Last weekend I purchased a S&W 442 because I wanted a small lightweight pocket gun for general carry when my Hk wasn't practical.

    I'll say I really liked this gun and it was a positive experience for the short time I had it because even my Mom took an interest in getting one when she handled it.

    The thing is my brother really liked it and in the end I wound up taking a CZ40 P and 300 bucks in exchange for it.

    Not that I wanted to because I really don't have a use for another .40 cal and it is not anything close to a pocket pal.

    But I got the sibling guilt trip and gave in.

    So. I gave up a new pistol that I liked for one I think is ok but I haven't got a use for and got a little of the cost (ok most of the cost) back in cash.

    I still feel like I got the raw end of the deal. Guilt trips are really unfair.

    Ever had this happen to you?

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    I have never had sibling guilt but I do have 13 year old twin sons who can lay down a pretty good guilt trip when ever I get a new toy.
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    my wife is the one who tries her best to make me feel guilt....
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I grew up with 4 older brothers. I got over worrying about their feelings long ago. Someday I'll tell you how they checked the lawn mower to see if it had 'spark'!

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    Nice NDS. I bet I can guess cause I did the same thing to my little brother. OoOo Except I used a 1970 cutlass.

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