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Thread: Three People Injured in Florida Gun Range Mishap (Jennings arms pistol malfunction?)

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    Welcome Len

    Although it is callled a "bad gun", it really is a judgement error by the owner/operator (buying a bad gun in the first place; not verifying it was safe before taking it to the range, etc). I "inherited" a Jennings; I wouldn't take it to the range - I disassembled it.

    A tool is only as safe as the person using it.

  3. What a freak accident. Imagine that happening with the gun on your hip!

    Hard to fault the owner, that's sort of like buying a used car (maybe it's all you can afford) and 10k miles later the brakes fail and you slam into someone. Your fault? legally, yep. Preventable? probably. But neglligent? debatable. Could it happen to anyone? definitely.

    That said, it's a real shame and i hope everyone involved recovers quickly. For what it's worth, sounds like the owners both made a grab to stop the gun and got shot in the hand. My assumption, anyhow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougG View Post
    Read the orgional and all other posts; the gun was pointed down range and went off by its self.
    Assuming that's true, because someone said it is, then those who were hit had to have been downrange, yes? When the gun pulled its own trigger, that is. What surprises me the most is not that the gun discharged itself multiple times, because that's so common, but that it didn't happen while someone was "cleaning" it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    The problem may be with the instructors rather than the techniques. Through experience, I've found that in some cases wives have a difficult time learning firearms safety from their husbands, or even with the husbands nearby
    I've seen evidence to support this, first-hand. I'd say a rule-of-thumb should be husbands don't even attempt this. Unfortunately, there are many instructors who aren't all that good, too. But yes, firearms is an awful lot like billiards--everyone feels some personal guilt about not being able to do it well or even perfectly, without any training or practice or experience of any kind. Again, it's a cultural thing...every drunken retard with a ***** feels inherently obligated to society to demonstrate some level of skill and prowess at the pool talbe. No reason, It just IS. Same with guns. Little wonder so few folks actually LEARN anything under these conditions.

    Just shot next to a couple last weekend, in fact. Now, he wasn't bothered with trying to teach her safety...he was trying to get her to shoot. He asked for my assist when he suffered a few FTCs with a new Berreta. Hmmm...three visits to his lane, three times I had to pull his forefinger off the trigger while trying to clear the jam. Bad juju. Of course I did it in the nicest way I could...without cutting his b&&ls off, which I would have done had his spouse not been there. But again, why should he know this? No reason. There's no public range I know of that asks if you know and understand ANYTHING about gun safety before you staple up a bad-guy target.

    I'm about as pro-gun rights as you can get, but it seriously baffles me why our culture is okay with, essentially, letting anyone walk in off the street and shoot next to ME...with not even the equivalent pertinent credentials generally required to rent a car or a sailboat. Funny. The approach we take to deadly weapons has the same element of reason as our approach to religion...with roughly the same outcome.

    Oh, BTW, the '180 rule' applies only if you're the ONLY shooter standing at the firing line, as in an IDPA match. It's a '95 degree rule' if you're at a line abreast of other shooters. Duh.
    “If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.” T Bankhead

  6. That's amazing! I've never heard of Jennings, but now I know to avoid them.

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    Jennings Mishap

    It's been a while since the last post on this incident. Does anyone have an update or further information?

    Brainchild, as you posted that you know these folks well, how are Mr. & Mrs. Thourot doing? Any news to report on Mr. Flynn?
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