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Thread: Should Women Be Allowed To Own Guns?

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    Sounds to me like he may have needed shooting,
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    I think that about sums it up right there! I think Mr. Womanhater is just an idiot. I don't think it has anything to do with gender but more your training and mentality.

    In this case, it isn't even training and mentality; a piece of paper is a step UP from this guy!!!

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    Should women be allowed to own guns? Is this a trick question? Are you kidding me?!! Of course, they shouldn't be allowed to own guns. What freakin' idiot doesn't know that?? If I allowed my old lady to handle weapons, do ya think I'd still be around? I mean, women are tempermental and all, not emotionally grounded like men are. That's what men are FOR - to protect women. Why would a woman need a gun if she's got a man around? Furthermore, it was Founding FATHERS, remember, not Founding Mothers and Fathers.

    If these are the kind of idiot questions/issues ya'll post on this site, then I'm outta here. Can't stand all this political correctness crap.

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    I think i would ptu this Guy in the same catagory at those guys in the video with the bullet proof vest that failed. What a moron.
    We would be better off with BORAT as PRESIDENT!!!!

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    LOL,,somebody breaks in this house ,,,y'all will be reading how that yankee girl i married shot a home invader full of holes. Womanhater was probably a deserving target.
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    A local gun dealer tells me that women purchase a lot of the airweight S&Ws and other lightweight handguns he sells. They're almost all buying them for CCW. My aunt was an NRA pistol instructor and could shoot her handguns quite accurately. She had hundreds of acres and wasn't afraid of armed confrontation with poachers and other trespassers, either. She could hit what she wanted to.

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    The way it reads it seems like the guy was just trying to stir something up for the sake of an argument or trying to rile you up, lukem. Trolls do that.

  9. I want my wife to shoot the intruder that enters my house when I am not home. I trained her to shoot my H&K .45s, but she is more comfortable shooting the Walther PPK that I bought for her. She is proud of her gun, and I am happy that she likes it.

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    "I'm agains't it because I was shot by a woman"....................................Rolling over the floor lauphing !!!!

    On a side note, the last two murders in this county where I live where women shooting their husbunds right in bed as they slept.

    Maybe he does have a point there, huh ?
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    yeah if a troll shot me i'd be against trolls having guns to. Leave the poor guy alone he still has his emotional scaring to get over. I wonder why people are judgeing this guy with out hearing his complete story?

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