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Thread: Should Women Be Allowed To Own Guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
    I wouldn't have spent that much time in conversation with someone who believes a woman has no business owning a handgun
    If you're talking about me, you need to read more of the thread to get a sense of the conversation, here. You will then see the error of your interpretation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoplites1234 View Post
    I'm surprised that this topic is even a thread on this board.
    Go back and read the FIRST couple of posts and you will then understand the "thread" of the conversation. It's a problem (and I've done it, too) when you jump into the middle of a thread without reading prior posts; you often lose the context surrounding what's being said/discussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Ok, I used that title to get you in here. I was just contacted by someone and thought I'd post this here to get your opinions on. On the subject or who should and shouldn't own a gun, being male or female makes no different in my opinion. This guy apparently groups all women together and I could see where he was going with this conversation. At first I was frustrated with having to explain myself on such a stupid topic so I thought I'd blow it off by posting over here and getting your thoughts. So below is the conversation I had in instant messanger with this guy. I changed his name to womanhater to protect his identity.

    {womanhater** hi luke
    lukem hi, whos this?
    {womanhater** i am frank, i am in the concealed carry yahoo group, too. greetings
    lukem ah, gotcha
    lukem i dont go there too much, i run
    {womanhater** ah your pro gun?
    lukem oh yea
    {womanhater** ah cool..and what is your opinion about female gun ownership, by the way?
    lukem no different than male owning a gun
    {womanhater** but have you ever heard of women who got involved in gunbattles against armed home invaders
    lukem yes, its all about training in my opinon, male or female
    {womanhater** yes? happened to the women?
    lukem well i dont know a specific story in mind, im in the middle of work
    lukem are you saying women shouldnt own guns??
    {womanhater** no, but i mean it seems somehow strange if a woman shoots it out with an invader
    lukem what do you mean?>
    lukem its strange if a womean shoots a gun without an invader?
    {womanhater** no, if an invader opens fire on her, and she returns fire
    lukem what is strange about that? whats the difference between a male opening fire
    lukem i dont understand where you are going with this
    {womanhater** i mean that she doesnt flee
    lukem what does that have to do with a woman? you can say the same thing with a man
    {womanhater** cos women are not presumed to have that courage
    lukem says who?
    lukem you?
    {womanhater** so you know of the contrary?
    lukem are you saying all woman have no courage and should not own a gun to protect themselves?

    A 43-year-old woman shot and killed a suspected purse snatcher who confronted her at a northwest Detroit gas station this morning, according to police.

    theres one example
    lukem so what do you have to say about that?
    {womanhater** was he armed?
    lukem ok, i dont think im going to continue this conversation....i dont understand what you point is other than being against women with guns which is very unintelligent
    {womanhater** i am against it cos i was shot by a woman
    lukem a woman = 1 woman, not all the women in the world
    {womanhater** but this one was enough for me
    lukem great, go ahead and continue to think that way then, you wont change my mind, i use prejudice against people like that
    {womanhater** sorry, but i have my reasons
    lukem it still doesnt mean all woman are like that and it is very dumb for someone to think that
    {womanhater** but she wasnt charged
    lukem my girlfriend can handle her firearm fine and ive trained her so shes as competent as i am
    lukem well thats just one case about one woman, not all of them
    {womanhater** you dont wanna know what happened?
    lukem you are grouping all woman together because one woman shot you....does that make any sense? if it does then i REALLY dont need to continue this conversation
    lukem not really, im in the middle of work and have gone over this too long already
    WTF is with this fella? This shouldn't even be a question, a poll, or a conversation piece!
    Debi R.

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    What a douchebag. Guess he won't be voting for Sarah Palin.
    My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

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    Is this loser some guy from Germany? I got IM'd that that troll twice. I just block him. Oh BTW, my first two firearm instructors who taught me are female. One's a CA POST certified instructor and has a CA CCW and the other was a member of the US Army rifle team.
    Know the law; don't ask, don't tell.
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    I`d love to know the real reason she shot him.As dumb as he sounds she was trying to do the world a favor.What a moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Oh, man, I missed her birthday ONE time in the early 1980s (we'd been married for like 3 years). Was quite a screwup as I came in the door asking what was for dinner!! She slides into quiet tears; I'm puzzled. A friend staying with us at the time had to tell me it was her birthday! How bad was that?!! Needless to say, I still hear about that one
    My favorite dodge is to say, "No it's not, your birthday is December second." To which the Limey bride will reply,"Today IS Dec 2d, Arsehole!" (Arsehole means "I love you very much" in Limey)

    Of course you DO have to know the date...

    Ive been trying to teach her to shoot for months (now that I have my own range in the back yard) but she has the typical "the Crown will protect us" attitude toward guns. Damn shame! Other than that she is a real in-your-face conservative.

    Go figure.

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    Tell this lady , she can not handle herself in a gun fight. LOL

    70-Year-Old Granny Shoots Armed Robber at Columbus, Ohio Hotel By Pete Kotz in Heroes, robbery Friday, Oct. 23 2009 @ 1:39PM9 comment(s)
    As a general rule, it's always wise to be kind to your elders -- especially when they're tougher than you are
    ​The small town family had traveled to Columbus to attend the All-American Quarter Horse Association show. The were staying at the Continent Inn on the city's north side when they decided to leave the door cracked open to get some air.

    The next thing they know, robber Wayne Winston kicked in the door waving a gun and demanding their money. One of the victims thought they'd never emerge from the incident alive. "We were sitting there talking and all of sudden the door flies open and this guy steps in with a gun," the man told 10-TV. "He stuck it in my son-in-law's face first, and he said, 'Everybody knows what the game is here. I want your money and I want your jewelry...'"

    No doubt Winston thought this would be an easy score involving some passive bumpkin farmers. What he didn't realize is the family's 70-year-old grandma, who suffered from bad eyesight, was far more dangerous than he was.

    As her son was searching for cash, granny pulled a .357 from her purse and blasted the bad guy, who stumbled out to the parking lot before dying. "I'm just thankful that a 70-year-old woman had a clear head to do what she did," he said.

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    I'm not sure that "womanhater" hates women. I'm wondering if he's afraid of women. IMO, he was shot by a woman -- whatever the reason -- and now he's paranoid of armed females. Poor boy should just lock himself inside of his home and never come out That way he may remain safe.
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conservative Wife & Mom View Post
    I'm not sure that "womanhater" hates women. I'm wondering if he's afraid of women. IMO, he was shot by a woman -- whatever the reason -- and now he's paranoid of armed females. Poor boy should just lock himself inside of his home and never come out That way he may remain safe.
    Uhmmm...I don't know...I'm afraid of women. And my wife is trained and and has started carrying. Now, I'm REALLY afraid of women (at least one in particular!). But, they still got a right to carry. Ok, gotta go lock myself back inside (No, wait, she's HERE!...AARGH!).

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