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Thread: NYC undercover stings expose "gun show loophole"

  1. This investigation sounds fraudulent to me. More money spent IDENTIFYING issues in other states. Not even finding a solution, just letting everyone know that there is a problem going on in the gun world and that gun sellers/owners are capable of arming the free world and blah blah. ENOUGH WITH THE PROPAGANDA! The NRA should step in once again and regulate this mockery of our lifestyle

  3. I know how everyone is outraged by the practices of our government, and we post these outrages, but my question is, how come we haven't banded together and try to lobby our government to stop these practices? As someone stated, "How do we know who they are buying for if they don't tell us" when it comes to straw purchases.

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    NEW YORK Investigators hired by New York City conducted stings at gun shows in states that have not closed the "gun show loophole" and found some vendors openly selling weapons to buyers who admitted they couldn't pass background checks.

    The stings, described in a city report released Wednesday, were conducted at seven gun shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada. Those states are among the many that permit private unlicensed dealers, known as "occasional sellers," to sell weapons at gun shows without conducting background checks.

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    I clicked the link and the article is no longer available. My question: What the heck are New York go'ment types doing in Nevada's, Ohio's, and Tennessee's business? They have nothing better to do? They need to stay home and take care of their own stuff!

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