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Thread: Percent of Firearms Ownership by State

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    1-4 are northern hunting states so that does not surprise me, Colorado being as low as it was did surprise me.
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    Colorado has much bigger cities and a population of 5 million. Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana combined contain 3 million. Colorado's economy is more diversified, and offers office jobs that are attractive to people from the left coast and the northeast. A lot of aging hippies live in Colorado, too. However, in terms of gun ownership, rural Colorado would match up very similarly to Wyoming.

  4. PA seems kinda low to me...I mean...compared to CA....and other than that....

    the northeast is totally fahked...except VT....

    ETA: Ooops my bad....keep forgetting that Philly ain't part of Jersey.....

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    That chart represents data that is almost 10 years old.

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    The link I posted, which includes homicide rates, is apparently from 2008 data, but it's hard to tell for certain.

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