Percent of Firearms Ownership by State
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Thread: Percent of Firearms Ownership by State

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    Percent of Firearms Ownership by State

    Here are some an interesting stats. Wyoming has the most at 59.7% and DC has the least (no surprise here) at 3.8%

    Percent of Firearms Ownership by State - Swivel

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    Wow. I'm amazed to see Arizona so low on that list. (31%)

    It seems everyone and their cat is packing heat down here, especially with such citizen-friendly pro-gun laws.

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    California, Illinois, Maryland and the rest of the East Coast are not surprizing. What I thought was interesting was Wisconsin at 44%. , Arizona and Florida were so low and Michigan at 38%... I wonder what the numbers would be if they figured in the illegal guns in Chicago and Detroit?
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    Very interesting info. Great link Red Hat!
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    yes very interesting stats. some of them sure are surprising.
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    seeing that texas only has 36% makes me question the validity of this data...just doesnt seem right to me

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    I'm suprised at Florida also. We had over 96,000 permit application in the first 6 months of this year and I think we are number two or three for permits per capa. Hmmmm....
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    I was surprised at how low my state was. I thought sure Texas would be near the top of the list. I guess all those Californians fleeing their state and coming to Texas have not got their guns yet.
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    West Virginia is 55.4 % and we have two senators who are anti-gun.
    If I knew how to send that link to Senators Byrd and Rockafeller I would.

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    I'm surprised Mississippi doesnt have a higher percentage, that must be just the firearms they know about. And I know Florida and Arizona are full of snow birds,so that explains that. Liked Arizona gun laws,just didnt care for the desert very much.
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