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Thread: Cops shoot home owner not intruder.

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    the cop who shot him was cleared of any wrong doing??? who cleared him? they should both lose their jobs over this. that is so freakin messed up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    the cop who shot him was cleared of any wrong doing??? who cleared him? they should both lose their jobs over this. that is so freakin messed up!
    I'm not a civil attorney, but AZ law probably isn't in the homeowner's favor when it comes to a civil case either. Not now, if the LEO's are cleared criminally of any liability.

    My guess is the homeowner turned to face the RO's with his gun in hand and they shot him. At least, that's my guess at THEIR story... I wasn't there, thank God.

    You don't want to tangle with the gang in blue. It gets ugly.
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    The "gang in blue" is very effective in covering their a$$es. Maybe next time a CCW permit holder gets in a bind, the rest of us can "investigate" his/her actions and, by gosh, clear them of all wrongdoing.

  5. I agree with AZ. Its a castle doctrine state. Don't even try to subdue just shoot the piece to crap and put the gun down and sit outside. And jj I'm surprised you would even have to ask that question. It's not talking about walking into a grocery store and blowing someone's brains out for no reason, it's talking about someone entering your home with intent to do harm to you, your family and or your property. Idk maybe the marine corps "screwed me up" in your bleeding hearts eyes but that wouldn't have went down in my house. On the other hand, atleast he lived and now will get lots of money.

  6. Holy thread necromancing, Batman!

    If the homeowner had flashed his CCW badge this could have been prevented.
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    Holy CRAP. That's a lot of suck.

    I wasn't there, so maybe there's circumstances that caused the cop to shoot. But from where I'm standing it looks pretty bad.

    I had an incident a few days ago where a neighbor was brandishing a weapon. I called the police and explained to dispatch the situation, as well as the fact that I had a CWP and was armed. The dispatcher all but asked for a blood sample, asking where on my person the weapon was, what kind it was, etc. By the time the police officer arrived (very quickly), he knew all the details, asked if I had my weapon, asked if my husband was armed, proceeded to gather facts, and we walked him back to his car chatting about what kind of CWPs we had and for how long.

    Altogether a pleasant encounter. Maybe because it's a small town? Maybe because the cop had all the facts? Don't know.

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    Headline says "Cop Accidentally Shoots Man!" Poppycock. There's no such thing as an accidental shooting of SIX ROUNDS." Shot in the back? Shot while on the floor? No verbal warning? LEO made aware that the homeowner has the gun holding the suspect before entering? No charges on the LEO? This officer must be removed. The department must be sued into oblivion. Send a message.

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    To those of you who say just shoot the BG. I say I don't want to clean up the mess that shooting the BG would cause if it is not needed. As for the Police the wife said she told them that her husband had the gun and not to shoot him cause he is the home owner. He also told the dispatcher that he had the BG at gun point so there is no reason for the Police to go in guns a blazing.

    And to shot the person in the back without identifying yourself as a Police officer in my book is cause for criminal charges to be press against the officer who fired the shots.

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    BG in house laying on floor bleeding from gunshot wound, send ambulance and police, I will be sitting on the couch.

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    I don't want to ever shoot anyone, but I've thought of this type of situation many times...Very easy to get things muddled up when the cops walk in and someone has a gun. There is a LOT less trouble for everyone if you DON'T shoot the BG, but you may end up getting shot yourself.

    Don't know what I'd do...Pray I never have to find out.

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