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    My Glock was made circa 1997 and has approx. 12,000 rounds through it (probably more). It has never missed a beat! It has seen its share of crap ammo though. I inherited this gun from my father, who used it as his duty weapon in Cherokee County GA.
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    I am agreeing 110% with you folks!! My Glock 31 has over 3,000 rounds thru it and it has never ever missed a beat, no misfeeds, no stovepipes, no NOTHING! I can't say the same for my Sig P220 & especially my Kimber 10mm. It's true about "Glock Perfection"

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    I reload target ammo for my girlfriend's Glock 17, and still not able to give her good practice on how to clear jams - they are extremely reliable! She's run more than 1,500 rounds through it so far. (An extra tip - when you do buy a new Glock, and let your girlfirend shoot it first, it quickly becomes hers! - she was gracious enough to let me shoot 5 rounds with it).

  5. G17 6k rounds 1 stovepipe near the end of a 500 round class...
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    my glocks give me trouble every day....takes about 30 minunte to decide which one gets to go out!!!

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    I have a Kimber Ultra Raptor ii which I carry daily. I wouldn't trade for anything else . this one is perfect. Few fte's during the break in period. but all is good. Runs like a clock now. Couldn't ask for a better weapon...

  8. Sorry to here about your Kimber. I have both the Kimber Ultra Carry II and the XD45. I like both and both are fine shooters, but I got to say I love my Kimber over any hand gun I own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Friend had issues with his brand new Kimber, also. My .45 XD has never missed a beat (couple thousand rounds so far). Anyone had problems with an XD?
    I have an XD40 sub compact and It is the most reliable pistol I have ever owned including my Kimber 1911 45 ultra carry. In my opinion you can't go wrong with the XD.
    Good shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stresco View Post
    Actually YEAH! Me. I have constant issues with my XD .40 with the empty mag lever getting hit by bullets as they are sliding up into position. It would cause my slide catch to engage with ammo still in my magazine. Drove me nutz. I filed the damn thing all the way down to where there is barely a hair of distance left to engage when the magazine is empty. Im still not 100% confident in the gun past the 1st round. I've actually been saving my money for a new Kimber :/ I want a Pro CDP II.

    Alost forgot: I have over 1000 rounds through it, 3 Magazines, tons of different ammo and it happens randomly with each and all combinations.
    You do have a lifetime warranty with your XD. Any problems call the company.
    I am not sure if they will honor the warranty once you take a file to it or not.
    Best of luck.

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    I shot my brother in law's new Kimber the day he bought it, jammed twice on me. They may be fine when broke in, but malfunctions don't help my confidence in a gun.
    Conversely, I have a Glock model 30 with 3500 rounds through it, and no malfunctions of any kind.
    That's certainly no scientific study, but these things do form a persons opinion of which gun to carry.

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