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  1. Hey guys, I got a call from the Manager of Walmart. He was appologizing profusely. He stated that some customers get angry that the ammunition sells at so fast. Which, I understand. He stated the clerk was trying to sell ammo to as many customers as he could, but should not have imposed a limit without approval.

    As far as the accusations and jerk comments the manager stated that this person has been removed from the sporting goods section, and will likely not be on registers anymore.

    I told him I didn't want the guy fired or anything- even dipsticks need jobs. I just wanted to ensure that it didn't happen again. He did say one very positive thing though:

    "Well, from what we've been told this ammo shortage is only going to last a few more months...some manufacturers announced that they are building portable manufacturing stations to increase the supply, so you should be able to come in anytime and get what you need and when people realize that they'll stop buying in cases and start buying in boxes again"

    Thanks for all the responses everyone
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  3. There's a lot of stress to go around these days.
    Indeed, I am with you when I say it's easier to re-train someone than to hire a new person....

    Every job is precious right now. If the person does a good job in a different dept, then so be it. I hope the next person you encounter at the sporting goods desk is as courteous and helpful as the ones I've dealt with.

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    My last trip into a Wal-Mart was about two years ago for an ammo purchase. The short story is, I haven't been back in a Wal-Mart since. About a year ago, I stopped visiting Sam's Club in favor of BJ's wholesale. While I prefer the selection at Sam's, I simply refuse to do business with Wal-Mart Inc. That's my two cents.
    I don' give walmart my money!
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    It would be wonderful if every store manager would take a little time aside to chat one-on-one with their associates and say hey, let's talk philosophy and store success. Walmart store managers are likely being badgered endlessly, my guess they're among the Abused...a lot like car sales guys. The management style for these people is, I assume from what I've heard and seen (first hand), far worse than the management a new US military troop gets as he/she figures his/her way through boot camp and tech school.

    The problem is that equity and managing the Invisible Hand is NOT the responsibility of any Walmart store associate. Their job is to satisfy the individual customer and to move the store forward. Pretty simple.

    No, you were not wrong or ethically deficient. The associate was way out of his lane, and needed either some serious correction/education, or a new employer.
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