Was I in the wrong?
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Thread: Was I in the wrong?

  1. Was I in the wrong?

    Today I went into Walmart to purchase 9mm ammo. When I went up to the counter I asked for 6 boxes (300 rounds). The rounds will last about 1 day at the range between my fiancee and I.

    The clerk stated that he could only sell me 4 boxes. I asked why, and he stated it was a courtesy to other customers. I replied "I intend no disrespect but I just saw the guy in front of me buy up 10 boxes of .45 ammo". I paid for my four boxes and asked to speak with a manager.

    A manager arrived and I asked if Walmart had a policy of how many boxes of ammo I could purchase, to which he replied "no" its a first come first serve deal. So, I asked for another 2 boxes.

    At this time the clerk began accusing me of "horting" ammo, and that its because of people "like me" that there is an ammo shortage. I explained that I shoot once a week minimum, and that I don't have a massive stock pile of ammuniton. He then accused me of re-selling the ammunition online or at gun shows. I was becoming a little irritated, so I asked him to just ring me up and i'd be on my way.

    To which he replied "you must be in a hurry, the gun shops are closing soon- you probably need to wipe out their stock too". In my perfect world as soon as he handed me the bag another person asked for 9mm to which he said "Nope, this guy needed all of it".

    I was pissed! I wish I could vow not to patronize them again, but with ammo the way it is I can't pick and choose, well I can but then I can't shoot.

    Is 300 rounds unreasonable?
    Was I in the wrong to argue with the clerk?
    Would you bother calling to speak with the General Manager?
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    Oh hell. It is on!

    That clerk is an idiot. Whatever happened to the "customer is always right"?

    What was the manager doing when the idiot clerk accused you of "hoarding"?

    I'd immediately file a written complaint to Wal-Mart.
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  4. I'd write a letter. But I got too much time on my hands.

  5. The manager had OK'd the sale and then left...the mgr wasn't present at the time of the clerk being a jerk.

    I think I will write a letter to Walmart
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    I'd go back every day to buy more ammo just to torque the guy off... especially if that store LETS you. That's amazing WalMart has ammo in stock without a 6-box limit. And 'kill him with kindness' at each purchase....

    However, I wouldn't get too wrapped around the axle over this moronic sporting goods associate. At the end of the day, you claim the high ground and he still works at WalMart. He'll wake up tomorrow and still be an idiot. Forget him.
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    You were ABSOLUTELY NOT in the wrong. I would venture a guess that you could probably have that clerk fired! If you decide to write that letter to WalMart, I recommend you put in all the detail you can. Do you know the clerks name? The date the incident occurred? The mangers name?
    At the very least, you should buy 300 rounds every time you see that right wing dufus working in the sporting goods area. It would be cool if you could get him on video or audio and send to WM corporate.

    Geez! I think I might be more angry about this than you are

    By the way, I bought 200 rounds last Saturday at WM here in Tulsa. They were very friendly and helpful. No limits were imposed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    The manager had OK'd the sale and then left...the mgr wasn't present at the time of the clerk being a jerk.

    I think I will write a letter to Walmart
    I would have called the manager back and insisted that he have the clerk apologize to me for being rude and make it clear that the next time I was in the store to buy ammo “I’ll get what I need” and “the clerk is to keep his opinion internalized and keep his mouth shut”…”Any questions with that?”… But that’s just me… I’m usually very easy going, but that behavior would have gotten me to the point where some kind of action (civilized action) was warranted…
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    I think it would have been "game on" when he told me there was a limit of four after seeing him sell 10 to the first guy. Did you mention this to the manager?

    After he made to follow-up comments and then told the next guy that YOU had bought up all the ammo my next stop would have been the general managers office. A lot comes through about his attitude in the way you relate the story and if only half of it was true he should be fired.

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    My last trip into a Wal-Mart was about two years ago for an ammo purchase. The short story is, I haven't been back in a Wal-Mart since. About a year ago, I stopped visiting Sam's Club in favor of BJ's wholesale. While I prefer the selection at Sam's, I simply refuse to do business with Wal-Mart Inc. That's my two cents.

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    It must have been another Jack Off with a Putz Peace Prize! Working his way toward earning it

    I would still take the time to call or write Walmart and tell them of the experience. Especially if you got Jack's name. Either way, they will know who he is. If you remain silent wrongs will always persist. You have to take the time and speak up while you can. If the Hate Crime bill goes through, you could end up in jail if you speak up!

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