Pachmayr Grips, problems?
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Thread: Pachmayr Grips, problems?

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    Pachmayr Grips, problems?

    I am looking at a set of Pachmayr grips for the "guys" but I have heard that some folks have a problem with the little brass emblem comming loose in the rubber grip and falling out.

    Have any of you delt with this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

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    Thumbs up Pachmayr grips

    I have Pachmayr grips on my Taurus model 85 revolver, I have never had a problem with them, I do not carry this gun on a regular basis,, I also have a set of Hogue grips for the same gun, I like the Pachmayr grips better........... Good Luck with your decision..............................
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    Button fell out and packmire sent me new ones to super glue in. No problem after that. Grips are on a 1911

  5. My wife got a pair for her S&W Model 67 and no problems yet. Of course, we don't shoot it a huge amount. But we shoot it enough that I would think a problem would have surfaced by now if it were going to.
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