NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course
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Thread: NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course

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    NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course

    Stephen Todd and I will be hosting an NRA PPITH Course on Saturday Feb 27, 2010 beginning at 0830 at in Modoc, SC (15 minutes from Augusta, GA). The cost of the course is $175 and includes the NRA PPITH Student book, range fees, and lunch. We also have a Personal Protection K-9 demo scheduled by Matt Hammond of All students will need a handgun with 250 rounds of ammo, ears, eyes, and knee pads if desired. For more information you can contact me at [email protected].
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    We already have some shooters signed up for the course. If you are thinking about coming, sign up fast before the class is full. Thanks.

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    Still have three slots open if you are interested.

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