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    Big Woods Goods & "Range" / Comming Soon

    I posted this in the range thread but I did not know if anyone has seen it.

    I wanted all to be the first to know that we have finally got our financing to move forward with our dream. It has been 5 years in the making but we are finally there.

    We will be purchasing the Old Wild West Bar and Grill building located at 350 Ronnell Rd in Canton/Holly Springs. We will be moving our (2,000sf) Store into this 20,000sf building. The new retail area will be about 9,000sf and we will also have a vending/lounge area, two large classrooms for training, a dedicated gunsmith room, offices and warehouse space. The other half of the building will be used for a state of the art Patriot Technologies 25 yard, 10 lane indoor shooting range. The shooting range will consist of a 50cal ballistic M-18 bullet trap, Rangtech Radial Diffuser Air Distribution (US Military Approved) Air Filtration system and the Hercules Target Carrier System which is a programmable, lighted, 360 degree target turning system. The target system will have several training simulations, you will be able to rent a lane at certain times of the week and run through the FBI and many more training scenarios.

    This is why this has taken so long to get, we will not compromise on the gun range, we could have gotten this done sooner by piecing together the range and building some of it ourselves, but this is not what the customer wants or deserves in a new State of the Art Range. We will also be installing an indoor Archery range.

    We are hoping to have this up and running this summer. My architect is finalizing the drawings and I have been working on all the range paperwork as far as Pricing, memberships and so on.

    We know that there are other ranges in the area and can only ask that you give us a try and find out for yourself where you want to spend your hard earned money. Customer services will still be priority one, and even though we will be expanding we will still have the same fast friendly service that you have come to expect from us.

    For more details vist our site at Indoor Range @ Big Woods Goods|The Ultimate Sporting Experience!

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    Wishing you success... Good Luck...
    Semper Fi

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    Hurry up, Bill

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    MA, Away from the liberal loonies...
    Now I want to move to GA!!

    Looks like it will be a success...

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Range Update July 4th, click here, Range Update July 4th|Indoor Range @ Big Woods Goods

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    Waiting paitently Bill.
    I fear a government that fears my gun.

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    We will have the retail side of the store open on Aug 3rd. The baffels are comming in on Mon, the back stop to follow and the last date I had on the air handlers was the second week of Aug. If all this happens in that time frame we will have the range going before the end of the month. But please stop by next week to check out the place.


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    I may have to stop by on one of my trips north. I make it up there a few times a year.

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