Planning a Visit to Savannah This Fall
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Thread: Planning a Visit to Savannah This Fall

  1. Planning a Visit to Savannah This Fall

    Wife wants to visit Savannah. for a couple of days on our way to Orlando. I spent a few days there about 10 years ago while attending a conference. Seemed like a great town, but I didn't get to see much of it other than a couple of bars and restaurants. I have a Florida CCW permit and will be carrying where legal. Any places that are not gun friendly, other than the usual bars, government buildings, and churches?

    Any local sights that are "gotta go to's"

    Any parts of town to avoid?

    Any recommended hotels or restaurants?

    Thanks in advance for any information.
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    Been a few years since I've been there myself. Last time was during St. Patrick's Day events and it was quite the party. The river walk is always a good place and bars in Georgia are now only off limits if the owners make them so. As for areas to stay away from, it's just been too long for me to help there. Hopefully someone will know more.

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