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    Gas Scam In Georgia

    There has been some reported gas scams in Tifton, Georgia. It has been spreading and has been reported in several states. Just thought I'd post the warning:

    August 25, 2010
    Authorities warn of gas credit scam

    The Associated Press

    TIFTON, Ga. — Tifton area authorities are warning motorists that theives may be stealing credit card numbers using gas pumps.

    Investigators in the city and the county are working together investigating several instances, where individuals use their cards in Tifton and then discover someone in California or Las Vegas also used their account information, stealing hundreds of dollars.

    Tifton Police Department Detective Len Moore says the altered gas pumps grab your information when you slide your card.

    Police are investigating two cases where individuals discovered someone in Las Vegas had stolen hundreds of dollars from their account.

    They’re urging motorists to use cash when possible.

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    Probably using those info grabbers they've used on atms
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