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Thread: Who's OC'ing in GA?

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    I have to laugh... 'cause it's FINALLY happened to me...
    for as much as I open carry... I wholly expected it to happen before now...

    IT is that someone finally noticed the hammer on my 1911 was stuck back....

    I was at a GOP debate party on Thursday and just after I sat down... it happened - it was all I could to to NOT break out laughing
    After I swallowed my laughing... I explained that this was the way a 1911 was designed to be carried and that it was perfectly safe.
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  3. I visited Marietta GA and opened carried the entire two days I was there. A few worried faces but a lot of respect. A few folks even came up to me and asked if I was a detective. I explained that I am exercising my rights to bear arms openly and they were fine with that. I mean it's not like they really had a choice anyway. Just glad it worked out well. Don't mind the attention.

  4. Most open carry friendly Counties in Ga?

    Which counties in Georgia are pro carry? LEO friendly that is. SC resident with non resi Pa permit. I opened carry this side of Conyers along the I 20 route last year. No issues whatsoever. Not one turn of the head. Great experience.

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